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What is Moxtopper? It’s an app for tracking life totals and commander damage for games of Magic: The Gathering. Once you’ve tried it, no game of Commander will feel complete without Moxtopper on your table.

Tracking commander damage is finally easy.

We know that tracking commander damage is a huge pain. With Moxtopper, it couldn’t be easier. At any time a player can swipe horizontally on their play area to see how much commander damage they’ve taken from all the other players’ commanders.

Damage is tracked separately for each player. When a player swipes right or left on their play area to enter the commander damage tracking mode, the damage counts they see are how much only they have taken from their opponents. This feature alone will make you wonder how you ever got through a game without Moxtopper on the table.

Commander damage is tracked per commander too, so it works great with partner commanders. Just swipe down on your play area and tap the “Commanders” button to toggle between having one or two commanders.

Bling out with digital playmats.

Customize each player’s area with awesome digital playmats, similar to how you are probably rolling out full art playmats on your game table in real life.

Moxtopper comes with five free digital playmats, but you can unlock tons more via in-app purchase. Thanks ahead of time for supporting Moxtopper through these upgrades, it’s how we’re able to stay in business.

Hell yes it goes to 10.

Moxtopper is optimized to work great not just for 4 player games, but also for any game of 2 to 10 — yes, ten! — players. That means it’s right at home during one-on-one games of Friday Night Magic as well as gigantic Planechase slugfests.

Configurable with a total of 21 possible seating arrangements so that the layout of play areas on the screen always comfortably matches the way your play group likes to sit around the table.

High roll with one tap.

Tapping the “High Roll” button in the action menu (the menu at the center of the screen) will instantly perform a high roll for all players. It’s fast, it’s fair, and best of all it let’s you get right into drawing your first hand and considering your mulligan options without waiting on one tedious re-roll after another.

Multiple themes.

We know that some folks prefer a much simpler aesthetic. That’s why we have also included two themes besides the playmats theme, each one a straightforward theme in bright simple colors, one light and one dark.